Different Types Of Frozen Desserts Used In Summer Days

This summer, everybody is a hot head and craves for some thanda thanda COLD COLD. One way to freeze frame that though would be to stock up on frozen desserts and chill baby! Here are some you should fill your fridge with:

1. Fruity Popsicles

Combine nimbu pani and barf ka gola to make lemon flavoured fruit popsicles. Or just combine Jell-O and your fruits of choice- be it kiwi, jamun or oranges, and pop them into the freezer.

2. Kulfi

“Sticking” to the same category, kulfis are another wise choice. in classic pista flavoured nostalgia, kulfis sure will leave a good taste in the mouth!

3. Ice Cream

The calories from an ice-cream will only make up for the dehydration from those bullets you sweat. Drop the conscience like it’s hot and try every favour in the market.

4. Frozen Yogurt

Want to keep cool, eat less calories and are lactose intolerant? Then have your frozen yogurt and lick it too!

5. Sorbet

If you want to give the heat a cold shoulder and nothing else, savour on sorbets which are nothing but flavoured ices, including but not limited to Vanilla Ice!

6. Frozen Custard

Proof of the pudding is int he eating. but read this first on different types of custards Frozen custard is one chill dessert for the summer though.

7. Ice Cream Sandwiches

This does not require ketchup or lettuce. Just Ice cream in-between oreo like layers. Tho ab bolo, thanda matlab ?

If your kids are still suffering the summertime saddness, then let them have cake! Know more about cake cooking classes in Mumbai to enrol in a bakery course at Wisk. Wisk by Cakesmiths, an exquisite baking and pastry studio at Kala Ghoda, offers the chance for baking enthusiasts, aspiring bakers, and professionals alike to hone their skills through a series of cake decorating courses in Mumbai!

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